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Why are you charging more than the other magician?

A few days ago, someone from Mississauga contacted me about a gig, and when I quoted her my price. She wanted to know why I charged more than the magicians that she had contacted all around GTA. Here was my reply to her:

“Thanks for the info! I totally understand where you are coming from, actually I have never seen the other magician’s show, but I am sure it is great. We all do different shows and hence our rates are different. The goldfish trick takes quite a bit of set up, but it is one of my best illusions and has won many awards in magic competitions for me. I created this trick out of my imagination which means no one else in the world performs it. I have spent countless hours assembling the props, perfecting every single sleight of hands, and choreographing the routine. It is one of the most talked-about illusions after my shows. Therefore, I think it is worth the price I quoted.”

A few days later, she booked.

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