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Where can I learn magic in Toronto?

One of the most popular questions I received when I perform my family show:

Where can my son/daughter learn more about magic?

It is a great question.

First of all, magic is a great hobby for a young child. There are many benefits in learning magic, it allows the children to practice public speaking and showmanship, it teaches them about importance of rehearsals and they will be more confident in the social setting, etc.

So what should you do if your child wants to learn more about magic?

1. You can start by getting them a magic kit. That's actually how most magician started. I recommend this One. Most of the magic kits are great for kids, because they will include very simple self-working tricks that require very little practice.

2. There are many YouTube channel that teach basic magic. A basic search will give you many results. Check it out Here.

3. Check out magic shops. If you live in GTA, then there is a must-visit one-and-only magic shop called Browser's Den. You can do a day trip there with your child, the magicians at the shop are always eager to show you some tricks.

4. Go see live performances. You can hire a magician to your event, or you can google up some live magic shows in your area. Usually the guys work in your local magic shops will have good idea what's happening in your city.

It is very tempting to perform a trick when you find out the secret. DON'T! You need a lot of practice in front of the mirror to know how to execute the trick, what to say, and how everything works together. It is one thing to know the secret, but another thing to know how to perform the tricks. PRACTICE,PRACTICE,PRACTICE!

It is also very discouraging when your trick fails. Remember failing is unavoidable, but every time you fail, it is a learning opportunity to master the trick. The only way to become a magician is through thick skin. And the only way to get the thick skin is to perform for different people all the time. Failing is a must to perfect magic. Just think of it as all of the hurdles that you have to jump over in order to reach the finishing line.

If everything work perfectly and your audience is impressed. Congratulations, you just perform your first magic trick. However, never ever reveal the secrets to anyone, even if they beg you. People will discredit your magic once they find out your secret, and it will not be special any more. You will regret it if you do. And you will be known as someone who knows some tricks, not an awesome magician.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.


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