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Finding opportunities in crisis

I have been performing magic at live events in GTA since 2008. And over the years, I have established myself as one of the busiest entertainers in the city. Everything was going well and my calendar was full until March 2020, but all of the sudden, every show was canceled or postponed, including a lucrative tour around Canada. The whole event industry was crashed and I was devastated as well. It felt like everything I had worked my butt off over the years was gone overnight. It was really sad and I hate to admit, I cried to sleep a couple of times. Just like everyone else, I waited and waited for things to get better so I can go out there to continue my work, but month after month, it just kept getting worse. That's when I knew I had to make some change to my business in order to survive this crisis.

I started investing heavily in setting up virtual magic shows for Virtual Events. I reasoned people were still getting together online, zoom meetings were boring, and there was definitely a need for quality live virtual entertainment. I transformed my living room into a little studio, investing in lighting, sound, and technology, and started offering virtual magic and mentalism shows to corporate events and private functions. To my surprise, the response was very positive, and it totally turned my business around! Over the last months, I had performed virtually for hundreds and thousands of people around the world! My clientele including Google Canada, Pepsi Food, Kraft, Microsoft, and many other Fortune 500 companies. I also helped to spread holiday joys with my virtual magic and brought families around the world together during the Christmas season for people who couldn't be together due to all of the lockdowns and travel restrictions.

In time of crisis, most people would complain "there is nothing I can do." and as a result, they give in, sit on the side and wait like a spectator. Little do they know, there is opportunities everywhere for those actively looking for solutions. If you stay positive and keep searching, somewhere out in the dark, there is a light waiting for you.

I am happy to have found my light, I hope you find yours too.


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