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“Ray did a virtual magic show for over 150 Google Canada families to help celebrate the holidays from home and everyone loved it! I love how he was able to leverage the right digital tools to make the virtual experience very professional and seamless. "

Donna Chang, Google Canada

“The virtual show was great for our holiday party, we loved all of the tricks!"

Natalie Soneji, Pepsi Food


“Amazing Show! Everyone had a great time and couldn't stop talking about it the next day. We will definitely bring you back again! "

Jocelyn Carpenter, Louis Vuittons


“What impressed us the most is his ability to connect with our employees virtually and made everybody feel included. We had a great time, thank you Ray! "

Jon Knowles, STEM Acheiver Canada


Virtual Magic Show

A virtual show is not the same as a live show! Ask any entertainer how they adapt their regular show to the virtual platform; they would tell you it is hard. It is tough to keep a large audience engaged in front of their computers, at the comfort of their homes, and in front of constant distractions (imagine your children needing your attention in the middle of your Zoom meeting!) That's why we have created a brand new show, suitable for the virtual environment and the audience of all ages. 


We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment and software to create a theatrical production like no others. Our studio is equipped with professional lighting and sound system to ensure the audience would have the best visual and auditory experience. Four high-definition cameras are running at all times that will give the audience front-row perspectives throughout the show. And with the integration of the latest OBS software, we will be able to keep the performance interactive and engage with our audience on a more personal level.


Our show is modern, interactive, and full of surprises. All of the magic effects were designed or re-engineered in the context of virtual performance. It is a brand new show with an emphasis on audience engagement. Everyone will be amazed and feel involved. It would be THE virtual event they would talk about the remember for the years to come.

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